We design custom databases to meet your business needs.


What is FileMaker?
One of the most flexible database management software programs, FileMaker is currently used by millions of people from all corners of the world.


Custom FileMaker Development

Setting us apart from other development and consulting companies is the level of customisation we offer which is without equal. It doesn’t matter if you are a small or large company to manage – we have the resources to build an efficient and relevant system, which we tailor make to fulfil your company’s unique needs. We can customise FileMaker to suit the specific financial, marketing or operational challenges the divisions within your company present, so the right solution is but an inquiry away.

Database Modifications & Upgrades

Over 30 years in existence, FileMaker has a lot of different software versions that are still in operation today, but we can offer you expert management no matter which version you currently use. If you feel your company is ready to jump onto the latest, most sophisticated version of FileMaker we are more than proficient in upgrading your existing infrastructure to the most current version.


Link with SQL

Conveniently, FileMaker allows any database stored in the SQL programming language to be pushed and pulled effortlessly without red-tape or unnecessarily complex coding.

Report Analysis

Included in the already impressive array of features is a sophisticated set of reporting tools with which it is possible to track sales performance, publish key metrics and generate ad-hoc reports on demand. FileMaker Pro ensures you get the most out of your invaluable information in the most user-friendly way possible and, as an added means of convenience, no additional software is required to take advantage of this amazing feature.

Server Solutions

FileMaker Server has been a leader in server solutions for decades; we can securely harness the power of this experience by hosting groups efficiently over a network or internet connection with the addition of FileMaker Server (separate purchase necessary). User-friendly, fast and reliable only begin to describe the power of FileMaker Server and its integration into existing FileMaker databases painlessly.

Online Capabilities

With FileMaker custom, data-centric websites are all but possible using PHP or XML scripting languages and the ability to have up to 100 concurrent web connections ensures consistency, stability and easy access to your website.

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