HyperTech Group

Company Vision

To advance Blockchain technology through the creation of non-profit Blockchain education centres around the globe with a view to educating people in the “new economy” and providing the average person the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

How does Hyper Fund Work

You become a member of HyperFund by buying convertible bonds.
Depending on market conditions Hyperfund guarantees 2 to 3 times return (Currently three times) on the purchase and pays this back at the rate of 0.5% per day.
You can purchase any number of bonds and structure them optimally.  Ideally, you reinvest your rewards for as long as you do not need cash flow, and activate the magic of compound!
This dramatically shortens the period over which you get paid back, effectively increasing your daily return.
Hyperfund is able to pay back these convertible bonds through multiple streams of income. Hyperfund buys a wide variety of tokens which grows min 10x in one year and has the network resources to make this happen. Other activities by the Hypertech group which has launched Hyperfund, include mining, market making, angel investing, staking incubated projects, utility token listing, and crypto exchanges.
Others can also be introduced to the opportunity which obviously also increases your growth dramatically.
HyperFund is a real opportunity to make solid returns in the crypto and blockchain space!

Kevin has been great and far exceeded my expectations

Kevin has been great and far exceeded my expectations. His service is great and he is quick to sort out all my queries or modification requests. More importantly when I have an idea of how something should work, Kevin is fantastic in delivering what I want, while shifting how I thought it should work to something better from a programming point of view and ultimately reporting purposes. He explains well the why’s and my project has evolved, with his valuable input, into something I am very pleased with and proud of.Nikki Allorto

Integrated Burns Electronic Registry

I highly recommend Kevin

I’ve been working with Kevin over the last couple of months re-constructing a Database application I helped develop in 1987-88 called Service Champ. I was very detailed in my needs for the program in updating it to 21st century standards. Kevin provided a detailed scope and cost estimate to re-create the application.  Once the program was completed, he has been pro-active in tweaking minor issues that happen along the way with development of any new application

As a General Contractor for 35 years, it has always been a challenge to translate a plan or vision into a completed project from start to finish. Using Filemaker Solutions has made re-creating Service Champ effortless. Kevin not only rebuilt the program on time and within budget, he made it better than previous version.  I will continue using Kevin on more projects for 2016-17. I’m looking forward to our collaboration. I highly recommend Kevin for any programming project you might be considering.

Daniel Linich

President, DJL Custom Homes