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Why go custom

Why go custom?

With over 1 million commercially available software products for sale today—why go custom? That answer is at the heart of the State of the Custom App Report. We reached out to thousands of FileMaker customers and asked them about their decision to build custom apps on the FileMaker Platform. Many shared their thoughts on the FileMaker Platform including: why they decided against off-the-shelf apps, what custom apps are doing for their businesses, and how long it took them to go live and what problems they’re solving. Join us a round table discussion of custom apps featuring Michael Grigoriev, Macadamian, Dara Treseder, FileMaker, Inc., and Andy Brooks, Big Table Media.

Apps made with the Filemaker Pro tool

“Business Insider – May 2016
FileMaker’s focus has shifted: Originally it was purely a database product; now it helps even non-technical small business folks build custom web, Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone apps.”

Matt Weinberger. Business Insider

Why go custom

eWeek - May 2016

It’s easy to buy an app, but it may not do what you want… and custom apps can be expensive and time-consuming to develop. We believe FileMaker bridges those 2 things and allows the best of both worlds
Darryl K. Taft

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